Jordan Dubé, MS, Nutritionist

My interest in nutrition, and specifically sports nutrition stems from my experience working with cardiac patients in the intensive care and cardiac step-down setting, as well as my experiences as a competitive elite cyclocross and mountain bike racer. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Connecticut, and then after several years of work in the medical setting, continued on to my Master of Science degree in Nutrition at Northeastern University. My passion for helping others improve their state of health and wellness has lead me to develop a diet free approach to eating and living well throughout life, and not just in the moment. Using an education-based model, I draw from my athletic and cardiac health background to bring my clients an understanding of wellness nutrition, nutrition for weight loss, nutrient timing, hydration, supplementation, and many other facets of wellness and athletic performance. In addition to one-on-one consultation, I enjoy giving group wellness and sports nutrition presentations, and also writing nutrition-based articles. I enjoys working with all types of clients, from children to adults, athletes and non-athletes, with all types of different lifestyles and needs. 


M.S. Applied Nutrition, Northeastern University, 2013

B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Connecticut, 2009


About ME

My life is a mix of so many different things, and yet I find myself in a place where I can combine my interests into something whole and viable, and it's a pretty beautiful thing. It would be an absolute dream to train and race my bike as a career, but for now I'm splitting time, and that's ok. I've molded my world to fit seamlessly with riding, racing, and traveling, and I feel like I'm making strides forward all the time. 

You could say I'm a "Jack of all trades," I suppose. My interests are varied, and while my degrees are science and nutrition based, and I spend my working hours as Cycle-Smart's nutrition coach and operations manager, I also coach the Phillips Academy Andover Cycling Team each Spring and the Pingree School Mountain Bike Team in the Fall, and host loads of mountain bike and cyclocross clinics with my racing team, Craft Factory Racing. I even work on some graphic design projects; typically revolving around cycling apparel and logos. 

I love cooking, and then subsequently eating, and recipe curation and preparation is a huge outlet for me, both creatively, and as a stress relief tactic. Of course, riding my bike works well in that department too! My other interests include spending time with family and friends, including my husband Don, dog Raleigh, and kitten Meep, traveling, stained glass and woodworking projects, and spending time in nature. 

In the past, my focus on the bike has been Cyclocross, and while I still envision cross being a big part of my life, this season I shifted my efforts to the mountain bike cross country season, and will be throwing in a few enduro races to mix it up. I've never felt more alive than I do when I'm carving turns and connecting with the dirt the way I get to on my mountain bike, and I want to keep that momentum going and see how far I can take it. 

In 2018, I'll take my racing back out to the west coast and to Canada to focus on the ProXCT and Canada Cup series events, and will continue to give back to my own community through youth cycling development and outreach.

Here's to the future and everything it holds.