Wholedration Hydration Mixes

Wholedration is a new product in the sports hydration market, and this one has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to features that nutritionists love. Day in and day out I preach about whole foods and making your own ride snacks and pre-race meals rather than guzzling laboratory goop. But until now, athletes and nutritionists alike have had few options for "close to nature" whole food hydration. 

This product is different.

Made with very few, and all natural ingredients including real coconut sugar, dehydrated coconut water, and sea salt, along with natural coloring from fruits and vegetables, this organic and non-GMO hydration mix really aims for my health conscious heart, and is exactly what athletes need to complete their nutrition and hydration game. Since the ingredients used in the formulation of the hydration mix contain adequate levels of electrolytes, no added electrolytes are required- much like eating a wide range of vegetables and fruits rather than popping pills and calling it a day.

To top it off, Wholedration has considered an important factor when it comes to electrolyte concentration: sweat rate. They've created two different formulas, one for low to moderate sweat rates, and one for high sweat rates. This means that athletes can get the appropriate concentrations of electrolytes whether then tend to sweat a little or a lot, and whether they are riding in freezing temperatures or extreme heat. 

Wholedration comes in two different flavors, one for each formula. The low sweat rate formula (blue) is acai blackberry, and the high sweat rate formula (red) is strawberry flavored. Both flavors have a great taste, and the ratio of mix to water gives you a beverage that isn't overly sweet or strong, nor too weak. 

Overall, Wholedration is a great product, and I can't wait to see what else they come up with in the future. My only complaint would be that this product isn't available in my area, but I have a feeling it's about to catch on and expand in a big way.